Friday, 16 April 2010

Newspaper Arrived!

it's arrived and looks wicked, it's hard to get mega exited about images i've been looking at for weeks but the print quality is fine and the images are placed as they should be. I'm aware though that its not bulkiest publication and to charge any profitable amount of money for it (each copy costs £1.80, this goes down to £1 a copy at 500 copies and eventually get down to 30p for 5000 copies.) isn't really possible.

Previously I had identified following application for the zine

-distribution in comic book/arty shops
-sale online
-use as portfolio

These are all still possible but i'll have to decide if it's more useful to try and sell them and understand that process a little better, or save them for promotional use. I love the idea of self publishing but I think if I'm going to produce a standalone product that represents any kind of value for money (from a readers perspective, rather than as an artifact) I'll need some outside help from other writers and artists. below are some examples of some finnish newprint comics and also the Mc Sweenie's (american publishing house) quarterly concern, last year a newspaper version was released as an example of how they could be better, complete with broadsheet comics section.

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